Sunday, September 19, 2010

More Photos of Brentlee 5 years old.

Let me tell you a little about Brentlee, She is so fun, we enjoy her so much!! She Takes 3 dancing classes right now, she is in clogging and Tumbling. She loves to do Pre-School on the Computer and can navigate herself all over the sites she likes to go to. She is learning to read and do addition. She worries about next year when she will really go to school, that I will be sad no one is there to keep me company. She sure does that! infact she's like having another adult in the room with me. She is very tender hearted and cares when people feel bad! She loves her dad and her brothers and sisters. She is a sweetheart and we don't know what we would do without her in our family!


Stacia said...

Holy Smokes!!! An update :) I love it! Brentlee is awesome and such a little smartie pants! I love her! Her pictures are so super cute! She sure knows what to do to take a darling picture! Yey for a new post! Look at how much brentlee has changed from the picture at the bottom of the page. They grow up to fast!

Crystal said...

I love all the pictures, and her adorable little outfits! I need to come and take lessons from you! I want to see more pictures!

4th of July

4th of July
Brentlee, watching the parade.

Wearing Socks to bed!

Wearing Socks to bed!
Brentlee and Saydee wore socks to bed so there hair would be curly for church, Brentlee thought this was so funny!